When Cryptography Needs a Hand: Practical Post-Quantum Authentication
for V2V Communications.
Geoff Twardokus, Nina Bindel, Hanif Rahbari, Sarah McCarthy;
To appear in NDSS 2024. IACR eprint Report 2022/483.


Post-Quantum Transition of Real-World Protocols. Women in Cryptography Seminar. 11/2023. (virtual)

Drive (Quantum) Safe! –Towards Post-Quantum Security for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications. Real World Crypto 2022. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. [Slides]

Suitability of 3rd Round Signature Candidates for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication. Conference, 3rd PQC Standardization Conference (virtual). [Slides] [Video]

The Need for Being Explicit When Communicating. Cfail 2021 (virtual). [Slides] , [YouTube]