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Published Papers

When Cryptography Needs a Hand: Practical Post-Quantum Authentication for V2V Communications. Geoff Twardokus, Nina Bindel, Hanif Rahbari, Sarah McCarthy. To be published at NDSS 2024. [eprint]

Batch Signatures, Revisited
Carlos Aguilar-Melchor, Martin R. Albrecht, Thomas Bailleux, Nina Bindel, James Howe, Andreas Hülsing, David Joseph, Marc Manzano; To be published at CT-RSA 2024, [eprint]

Attest or not to attest, this is the question – Provable attestation in FIDO2 Nina Bindel, Nicolas Gama, Sandra Guasch, Eyal Ronen. To be published at ASIACrypt 2023. IACR eprint Report 2023/1398. [eprint]

Post-Quantum Cryptographic Assemblages and the Governance of theQuantum Threat
Kristen Csenkey, Nina Bindel. Journal of Cybersecurity 2022. [arxiv]

The Need for Being Explicit: Failed Attempts to Construct Implicit Certificates from Lattices
Nina Bindel, Sarah McCarthy; The Computer Journal; [link to CJ]

FIDO2, CTAP 2.1, and WebAuthn 2: Provable Security and Post-Quantum Instantiation
Nina Bindel, Cas Cremers, Mang, Zhao; IEEE S&P 2023; [eprint]

Light the Signal: Optimization of Signal Leakage Attacks against LWE-Based Key Exchange
Yue Qin, Ruoyu Ding, Chi Cheng, Nina Bindel, Yanbin Pan, Jintai Ding; ESORICS 2022; [eprint] [blog]

Improved attacks against key reuse in learning with errors key exchange Nina Bindel, Douglas Stebila, Shannon Veitch; LatinCrypt 2021; [eprint]

How Canada Can Prepare for the Quantum Threat
Nina Bindel and Kristen Csenkey; Canadian Global Affairs Institute Staff published this page in Policy Perspectives; 2021; not peer-reviewed; [link to CGAI]

Simplifying Emerging Technologies — Risks and How to Mitigate Them
Kristen Csenkey (ed.), Nina Bindel, Josh Gold, Travis Morrison, Sarah Shoker; 2020; not peer-reviewed; [pdf] [additionalInfo]

Parameterized Hardware Accelerators for Lattice-Based Cryptography and Their Application to the HW/SW Co-Design of qTESLA
Wen Wang, Shanquan Tian, Bernhard Jungk, Nina Bindel, Patrick Longa, Jakub Szefer; TCHES (Issue 3) 2020; [eprint]

The Lattice-Based Digital Signature Scheme qTESLA
Erdem Alkim, Paulo S. L. M. Barreto, Nina Bindel, Juliane Krämer, Patrick Longa, Jefferson E. Ricardini; To be published in the proceedings of ACNS 2020 [eprint]

Decryption failure is more likely after success
Nina Bindel, John M. Schanck; To be published in the proceedings of PQCrypto 2020; [eprint]

Tighter proofs of CCA security in the quantum random oracle model
Nina Bindel, Mike Hamburg, Kathrin Hövelmanns, Andreas Hülsing, and Edoardo Persichetti; Proceedings of TCC 2019; [eprint]

X.509-Compliant Hybrid Certificates for the Post-Quantum Transition
Nina Bindel, Johannes Braun, Luca Gladiator, Tobias Stöckert, and Johannes Wirth; 07/2019; The Journal of Open Source Software; [link to JOSS]

Hybrid Key Encapsulation Mechanisms and Authenticated Key Exchange
Nina Bindel, Jacqueline Brendel, Marc Fischlin, Brian Goncalves, and Douglas Stebila; Proceedings of PQCrypto 2019; [eprint]

Estimation of the Hardness of the Learning with Errors Problem with a Restricted Number of Samples
Markus Schmidt and Nina Bindel; 02/2017; Journal of Mathematical Cryptology [eprint]

Special Session: Hampering fault attacks against lattice-based signature schemes— countermeasures and their efficiency
Nina Bindel, Juliane Krämer, and Johannes Schreiber; Proceedings of CODES/ISSS 2017 Companion; not peer-reviewed; [proccedings version]

Bounding the cache-side-channel leakage of lattice-based signature schemes using program semantics
Nina Bindel, Johannes Buchmann, Juliane Krämer, Heiko Mantel, Johannes Schickel, and Alexandra Weber; Proceedings of FPS 2017; [eprint]

Transitioning to a Quantum-Resistant Public Key Infrastructure
Nina Bindel, Udyani Herath, Matthew McKague, and Douglas Stebila; Proceedings of PQCrypto 2017; [eprint]

Revisiting TESLA in the quantum random oracle model
Erdem Alkim, Nina Bindel , Johannes Buchmann , Özgür Dagdelen , Edward Eaton, Gus Gutoski , Juliane Krämer, and Filip Pawlega; Proceddings of PQCrypto 2017; [eprint]

Ein deutsches digitales Signaturverfahren auf dem Weg zum internationalen kryptographischen Standard
Nina Bindel; Tagungsband zum 15. IT-Sicherheitskongress – BSI; 05/2017

Comparing Apples with Apples: Performance Analysis of Lattice-Based Authenticated Key Exchange Protocols
Nina Bindel, Johannes Buchmann, Susanne Rieß; 08/2016; International Journal of Information Security (manuscript number: #IJIS-D-16-00456R2) [pdf]

An efficient lattice-based signature scheme with provably secure instantiation
Sedat Akleylek, Nina Bindel, Johannes Buchmann, Juliane Krämer, Giorgia Azzurra Marson; Proceedings of AfricaCrypt 2016 [eprint]

Lattice-Based Signature Schemes and their Sensitivity to Fault Attacks
Nina Bindel, Johannes Buchmann, Juliane Krämer; IEEE Conference Publications, proceedings of FDTC 2016 [eprint]

Verschlüsselung und die Grenzen der Geheimhaltung (German)
Johannes Buchmann, Nina Bindel; 2016; Beitrag für den Band zum Jahresthema “Leibniz: Vision als Aufgabe” der Berlin-Brandenburgischen Akademie der Wissenschaften; not peer-reviewed; [pdf]


Hybrid signature spectrums.
Nina Bindel, Britta Hale, Deirdre Connolly, Florence Driscoll. Internet draft. November 2023. [ietf]

Quantum Lattice Enumeration in Limited Depth.
Nina Bindel, Xavier Bonnetain, Marcel Tiepelt, Fernando Virdia, IACR eprint Report 2023/1423 , [eprint]

A Note on Hybrid Signature Schemes
Nina Bindel, Britta Hale; IACR eprint Report 2023/423, [eprint]

Technical drafts


On the Security of Lattice-Based Signature Schemes in a Post-Quantum World
Nina Bindel; PhD thesis; TU Darmstadt, Germany; 09/2018; [pdf]

Book chapters

Handbook for Management of Threats — Security and Defense, Resilience and Optimal Strategies. Chapter 7 — Quantum Computers: The Need for a New Cryptographic Strategy.
Participating author; Panos M. Pardalos, Antonios Fytopoulos, Konstantinos P. Balomenos. Springer 2023. ISBN: 978-3-031-39541-3

Gendersensible Studien- und Berufsorientierung für den Beruf
Security Spezialistin (Security).

Participating author; Frauke Prott, Margit Scholl, Denis Edich, Josephine Gerlach. Shaker Verlag, Düren, 2020. ISBN: 978-3-8440-7133-7

Weiblich, erfolgreich, MINT 2020: Ihr Wegweiser zum Traumjob (
Participating author;; 3rd edition 2020.